Gutter Viper: Clean Two Storey Gutters Without a Ladder

Do you have a hard time cleaning the gutters at the top of your house? The Gutter Viper is perfect for you! It’s designed to clean two storey gutters without a ladder.


It’s a leaf blower attachment that’s engineered to make your life easier—simply attach it to your leaf blower, fire it up, and watch your gutters get clean! The gadget easily powers through wet debris and leaves.


It can easily reach up to 27 feet—you could even clean some third-storey gutters! You never have to climb a ladder again to clean your gutters, and you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for them to be professionally cleaned.


The attachment can fit virtually all leaf blowers, and it can get the job done in ten minutes or less! If you absolutely hate ladders, heights, or the dirty work of gutter cleaning, you need this tool.


It’s the ideal tool for fall cleaning!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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Gutter Viper