It took about 6 weeks, with about half that time spent scavenging materials, and $107 to transform this empty basement room into a rustic cabin man cave where one can sit, read, think, eat, snooze, and decompress. The room is built and furnished to give a 1940’s-1950’s era hunting cabin look.

via kelhans

The room when he started.

He used a couple dozen of old crate wood that a local metal company used for shipping. They were free!

He used a draw knife to make each board look hand cut.

The walls going up.

The window will look like a mountain scene when finished.

He used stones found on the side of the road for the fireplace.

Center beam for the ceiling. One of the few pieces of lumber he purchased.

Main door into room from basement. Looks like a regular door on the other side.

Same wood as the walls was used for the floor boards, ripped to 3″ wide.

Floor going in.

Exterior window is actually a photograph lit from behind. You can turn the light off to simulate night outside.

Many of the pieces of furniture and shelves and crates are handmade from aged and reclaimed wood.

Fireplace is fake but made of real stone and reclaimed barn wood. There’s even real burn marks on the floor.

Finished product!