Guzzle Buddy – Turn Your Wine Bottle Into Your Wine Glass

Perfect for those who want to drink out of the bottle but still seem classy, this gadget will change the way you drink your wine.

The Guzzle Buddy is a screw-on attachment that turns your bottle of wine into a wine glass.

To use it, gently remove the cork and then screw on the Guzzle Buddy with their unique self-tapping design.

Guzzle Buddy aerates the wine while you pour and drink from the wine bottle.

Made from the highest quality BPA and Lead-free strong borosilicate glass and 100% silicone, the Guzzle buddy is dishwasher safe too.

The Guzzle Buddy also works on other drinks such as beer, soda, hard cider and champagne bottles.

Called the Guzzle Buddy beer bottle glass, this glass will do the same to your wine for your beer!

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass


Guzzle Buddy Beer Bottle Glass