This couple purchased a 1965 Serro Scotty Sportsman camper in serious disrepair. Together they completely renovated the camper. It took four months of long weekends and cost approximately $5500.00 for the renovation, not including the $650.00 to purchase the camper itself. Most would ask, why not just buy new? But Imgur user imakethenews decided this would make the perfect project for him and his girlfriend.

Here you can see the outside of the camper as purchased. The siding aluminum, however the silver colour is painted on.

This is the interior of the camper as purchased. There isn’t much to salvage.

The windows, doors, and aluminum siding have been removed.

They had to strip the silver paint off of the aluminum siding.

Under the siding revealed a lot of water damage and rotten wood, all needing to be replaced.

The frame has been entirely removed. All that remains is the floor.

The floor has been completely removed. This was a gruesome task that took almost two days!

Now to start putting it all back together again and give the old camper a fresh look!

Chassis repaired, rust-proofed, primed and painted, with new permanently-mounted levelling jacks and hardware.

Installing the new floor! The dropped down section is to allow for more headroom.

The new floor is installed and waterproofed then bolted into place.

They copied the outline of the siding onto 3/8” plywood and 1/4” lauan glued together, then cut it out to make the new walls.

The finished wall cut-out.

The walls are up and the appliances are put in place for templating!

They had this great idea for storage, by using these removable drawers and building a custom cabinet around them.

The camper with all the walls on, ready for insulation and siding, and a roof!

Another custom cabinet built for the camper.

A view of the under-bed storage. There is a large drawer, as well as space for the hot water tank, and cargo space. The bed itself also doubles as a couch when folded.

Fresh coat of paint on the inside!

Insulation being installed on the outside!

Re-installing the bare siding.

All siding re-installed and ready for painting!

The exterior is painted white, with and orange stripe across the top.

The coolest DIY countertop! Made from plywood cut into strips then glued together. Great money saver!

A view of the completed bathroom and kitchen!

Mini-fridge, microwave, and induction stovetop.

The bedroom. Notice the USB outlet right by the bed – what a great idea!

Notice the thermostat and the baseboard heater.

Looking inside.

The exterior of the completed camper. So cute and vintage!

There are many more photos detailing the process here. Check them out if this is your kind of DIY project!