Winter can be nice sometimes, but it can also suck the life right out of you. Almost no one enjoys shoveling snow and it’s often heavy and frustrating to deal with. A few weeks ago, the Canadian city of Montreal received several feet of snow overnight but how these African immigrants deal with it will warm your hearts.

Richard Laubonet moved to Canada from the Ivory Coast 14 years ago, and brought his love of dancing with him. He now owns a fitness school called Djamboola Fitness, which combines African dance with cardio. When the snow fell, he took two other students with him out into the snow to clear a path through a park for children.

People around the world are loving this, and it’s an interesting example of cultural mixing in Canada. Richard has already received several snow clearing job offers after this went viral. Maybe we can finally have some fun shoveling snow, so long as Richard and his students are around to help us!