Happycall Double Pan: Flip Food by Flipping the Whole Pan

Perfect for a clean and mess-free cooking experience, you can flip food in this pan without any mess.

The Happycall nonstick double pan is a pan consisting of two pans on the top and bottom where you never have to worry about flipping whatever it is you’re cooking.

It is made of the best non-stick interior with an eco-friendly ceramic exterior that ensures you can cook with less oil, making it an easier cleanup.

Simply start cooking your food on one side of the pan and when it’s time to flip your food, turn over the whole pan and you’re done!

Since there is a pan on the top whichever way you flip it, you can cook without having to worry about any splatter or smoke coming from your food.

The Happycall Double Pan features a smart oil tray that keeps the cooktop clean and will capture excess moisture and grease that escapes from the rear vent.

Coming with a convenient magnet handle lock, the pan will stay shut and keep your food staying juicy and tender the whole time.

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Happycall Double Pan
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