Hardwall Takker: Drill Through Any Wall Without Cracking It

Have you ever had problems drilling and nailing hooks to walls?

Don’t want to crack the wall but desperately need to hang something up?

The Hardwall Takker has the solution for you!

It’s a small device that will let you easily drill through any wall without cracking your walls.

Hang up pictures, mirrors, clocks and much more with the Hardwall Takker!

Simply make a mark on the wall where you want to hang your item and place the drill bit over the mark.

Rotate the drill bit using the crank handle and slowly press onto the wall until the Takker is fully compressed.

When finished, you will be left with a perfect 3mm deep hole at exactly 90 degrees in which you can use to place a tack inside.

It will give you the ability to drill through any hard wall surface including brick, concrete, ceramic tile and even plasterboard walls.

Store Tacks inside the Hardwall Takker and always know where they are when you need it!

The debris and dust can be collected inside of the Takker making it easier to clean up after the job is complete

When fully inserted, each tack will be able to hold up to 12 kilos (27lbs).

The gadget will come fitted with a special drill bit that will last for many operations but can be replaced if need be.

Stress no more about cracking tiles in your bathrooms and get the job done right with the Hardwall Takker.

Available Here.

Watch the demo video down below!


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Hardwall Takker
For Brick, Concrete, Ceramic Tiles and Plasterboard Walls