Haters Tried to Prank Taylor Swift, So She Donated $10,000 to The School They Targeted

Trolls on Reddit can be super harsh, and this story is no exception. The thing that sets it apart is the beautiful response from the target of the prank: Taylor Swift.

The prank began when a Reddit user promised to send Taylor Swift to perform for deaf students in Boston. They hijacked a contest sponsored by Papa John’s and Chegg that was auctioning off a Swift performance to the school that received the most votes on Facebook.

The principle of the deaf school found out and said that even though the intent was cruel, the students would love to see Ms. Swift.

Because the school had been placed there by the pranksters, they were disqualified.

But Taylor wasn’t done with them.

When she heard, so donated $10,000 to the school. But that’s not all.

Papa John’s, Clegg, Cover Girl and American Greetings also donated $10,000 in musical instruments for the students.

The principal, overwhelmed, said “are we the winner? Absolutely.”


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