Imgur user Afschmitt and his wife are not big watchers of television. Since television, next to the internet of course, is our primary source of information, it has become practically necessary for most households. Afschmitt and his wife however, did not want to have their TV on display all the time, so he engineered this genius idea to hide his TV.

via Afschmitt

A Normal Living Room

A Hidden TV!

Find Some Artwork
Afschmitt used a painting purchased at Pier 21. Just be sure the painting you buy is large enough to cover your TV.

Mount The TV Brackets And Drawer Slides

Build The Frame And Drawer Extension Brackets
This frame was built using 4”3/8 pine wood. Be sure the width of the wood is enough to cover the TV.

Test The Sliding Action
Make sure that the frames slide easily without bending too far after once fully extended.

Mount Your TV
The opening should be wide enough to allow you to see the edges of your TV.

Test To Make Sure The Frames Can Close

Cut The Artwork And Reframe
The picture was removed from its original frame and cut in half. It was then reframed using the two frames built for the sliding mechanism. Black burlap was used to cover the wood and picture edges. Felt pads were also added to the back to make sliding along the wall quieter and easier.

Open Sesame!