Imgur user MrDRC is expecting his first son, so he decided to turn the nursery ceiling into a galaxy of stars. Using a kit purchased online, some patience, and some elbow grease, he was able to create a cosmic nursery for his new baby boy.

via MrDRC

Taping The Beams
The beams were marked on the ceiling so that MrDRC didn’t drill holes into the beams.

Grid To Section The Ceiling
He sectioned the ceiling into 1ft x 1ft quadrants, giving him approximately 5 stars per quadrant.

Up In The Attic To Remove Insulation
Insulation had to be moved to make way for the laying of the fibre optic cables.

The Kit He Used
He purchased this kit from It includes a light source with twinkle wheel already installed, 600 fibre strands in 3 different sizes, another twinkle wheel that makes the stars coloured, and a remote.

Fibre Optic Cables

Light Source Mounted In Closet

Bundles In The Attic

Bundles Aglow

Threading The Fibres Through The Ceiling
This was the most tedious part. Using a 1/16” drill bit and a Dewalt drill, he drilled about 10-20 holes at a times, pulling the same amount of fibres and fishing them through the ceiling and repeating.

More Fibre Threading

All Threaded Through
It’s just like Avatar!

Lit Up

The Cats Want To Play

Attic View

Glueing The Strands
In order to secure the fibres, they must be glued in place.

Almost Done!
Using a paint sprayer, he repainted the ceiling, then cut the fibres, leaving about 3-4mm of excess in case he wanted to repaint the ceiling again.

Final Result
40 hours later. There are 596 total stars. 4 strands broke in the process.