Bored with the drab interior of the office at the creative agency he worked for, Ben Buckner decided to take matters into his own hands and add some visual stimulation to the office. Because the agency was moving offices in a few months anyway, the design had to be completely non-permanent. Ben selected sticky notes as the medium to work in. After several weeks of planning, from deciding which superheroes to put on the wall, to creating the designs on a pixel grid, to painstakingly posting each note on the wall, the superhero mural was complete. It took 8024 sticky notes out the 9000 that were ordered, but it was certainly worth the effort!

via bruck7

The long wall

Another shot of the plain old boring white wall

Lots of notes

Let’s get started!

Taking shape

Work in progress

About halfway done with the large wall

Everyone was helping


Him and the heroes

Some of the team

A time-lapse video of the mural