This guy was fed up with his blonde lab ruining his flower beds in the hope of finding cool soil to lie in on a hot day. The result of his frustration? His dog gets a one-of-a-kind, air-conditioned (yes, air-conditioned) dog bed.

The beginning. He used 1×6 boards with 4” hole cut outs, and fitted 4” PVC tubing to create the air inlet.

Then fans and a PC power supply were attached to the frame to push and circulate the air.

Then the rest of the frame was secured in place.

By adding a T fitting and wrapping more PVC around the frame, the cooling duct was completed. The ducts are attached with long zip ties.

Mesh plant shade material was fastened into place to create a hammock style of bed for the lucky pooch!

Frozen water bottles pull the whole project together. By adding them into the cooling duct (which has slotted ports at each end) air can be sucked into the tubing mechanism and cooled by the water bottles. How clever!

The culprit enjoying her new bed, and saving the flowers!