This motorcycle enthusiast, Imgur user dealsgaprider, decided to build a teardrop dog trailer so he could take his pooch along with him on rides. It obviously took a lot of hard work. Here’s his process.

Began With CAD
He cut the pieces with a CNC router. It consists of two larger pieces, the left and right sides, traditional, rectangular cut ribs, pieces to attach to the sidewall and act as spacers for the ribs. The u-shaped parts make up the middle spar. After some stapling, glueing, and screwing, you get…

The Skeleton!
The frame is made of 1/2” plywood cut to size.

The Siding
The siding is aluminum composite. A top skin of 0.040 aluminum was applied for waterproofing.

Transforming It Into A Trailer
The wheels and axle is installed. Everything was bolted and secured using 3/4” plywood on the bottom with galvanized hardware. He used two pieces of 2”x6” to attached the axle and spring hardware. A 2.5” heavy aluminum was used for the tongue.

Found A Window
He purchased this boat window to install in the trailer.

Cut A Hole For The Window

First Fitting
The tongue length is about 2 times longer than the width of the axle. In this case, the trailer is 30” wide, 4’ long, but 8’ long with the tongue

The Porthole
Dealsgaprider measured his dog standing and sitting to determine where the porthole placement should be. To cut the hole, he created a template on the CNC router out of thin metal and cut into the siding using a jigsaw.
Testing It Out!

The Door
Cut using the CNC router, on lexan, a strong polycarbonate material.

Tail Lights Installed

Rain Cover For Porthole

Rigid foam was installed between the ribs, then sprayed with a foam.

Freshly Painted

Door Installed With A Handy Step

Finished Window

Interior Complete
The inside cushions are 2” foam on a 3/8” plywood, and covered with vinyl.

Another Interior Shot!

Final Product – Ready For The Road!