Headz Up Pets Watercollar: Prevent Your Dog from Drowning

If you’re worried about your pets being safe while swimming, the Headz Up Pet Watercollar is perfect for you! It’s designed to keep your dog’s head above water, preventing them from drowning.


The collar is both a life preserver and a swimming aid—it will keep your dog’s head above water, even if the dog isn’t conscious. It attaches to your dog’s regular collar with strong straps, staying secure while they swim.


The Watercollar hangs loosely from the neck, letting your pet wear it all day long comfortably. It’s made of non-absorbent closed-cell foam covered in fabric for added comfort. If your dog is in the water, the collar stays under the chin to keep the head up.


The collar is made using the same standards as human floatation devices, and it will keep your dog safe—even if they become unconscious or exhausted. The Watercollar is great for aging or disabled dogs who love the water!


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Headz Up Pet Watercollar
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