CBS News brings us an outstanding story of courage and immense strength. Anyone who loses a parent knows it’s heartbreaking. To lose one when you are young all the more so. But, to lose both before you are seven? To so many people this is beyond imagination, and surely beyond words. To know a young boy or girl who lived through such a thing might leave you tempted to think their spirit would be altogether crushed, their childhood lost – their life so very broken before it has even properly begun. Those among us who would think this, need to see this video.

Having lost his dad when he was four, and his mom just a few months before this story was filmed, six year old Jayden displays throughout this clip a strength and resolve that many who are sixty may fairly struggle to muster; especially because he’s resolved not to sit in sadness but looks to make others happier. One day, when he was visiting his Aunt Barbara, he formed a plan to start giving away little toys to folks they may meet downtown. As Barbara puts it, ‘from here the adventure began’ – and what an adventure it’s proven to be.