This is a video with a beautiful and classy message. We often see videos that seek to put across a clear and commendable message, but oftentimes may not explain fully the background as to how the campaign and its aims came about. Here however is the creative process of designing a number of mannequins to be displayed in a store windows with a view towards showcasing folks who live with a disability and the unique and beautiful dimensions they have in their own physical features. As the campaign asks: “because who is perfect?”

This is a fantastic insight detailing the process of mannequin making, as well as demonstrating that we humans come in all shapes and sizes and these are to be respected and valued. The fashion industry as it exists today is unlikely to change anytime soon, but it’s heartwarming to see the reaction of these people finally being represented (no matter how limited) in an industry they rely on just like everyone else. It’s necessary and worthwhile to see the full breadth of human bodily diversity represented on design boards and in shop displays. A wonderful video to remind us that style and substance can exist within us all, and we can never have too much of either.