Help Your Child Enjoy Bathtime with SoapSox

Getting your child willingly into the bath is a battle, nay, a war. They squirm and fidget and complain even though they’re caked head to toe in park sand. What if there were a way to entice them into the sudsy warm waters of the bathroom? Now there is!

Two dads had this same problem, so they invented SoapSox. SoapSox are adorable stuffed animals perfect for the tub. They have hidden compartments inside them that fit a bar of soap so your child will wash themselves while playing.

The hidden soap can be a solid bar or liquid suds, so you have the choice. Additionally, the hands of the stuffed toys can finger pockets for you to use as a grip while you soap down your baby.

They are made of terry cloth and have anti-microbial sponge interiors so you don’t have to worry about bacteria living on them.

You can wash them in a standard washing machine or simply hang them up to dry.

Available Here.

Watch how they work in the video below.


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SoapSox Bath Toy Sponge
Various styles available


SoapSox Bath Toy Sponge
Various characters available