Hero Mailman Sees a Lady Holding a Baby and Helps Save His Life

Who doesn’t love the mailman? While it’s true that they are a slightly diminished presence in our neighborhoods these days, they are still a part of our neighborhood and community. Whether it was the British tales of Postman Pat you grew up with as a kid, or the stories of dogs and their particular fondness for mailman legs, the mailman is a well-known and popular figure in our culture. However, very rarely are they seen as heroes.

The community of Greenville, South Carolina recently received a reminder of the good a mailman does for the neighbourhood.

A mailman named Chris was approached by a panicked mother who was unable to dislodge a piece of plastic from her son’s throat. Being calm and thinking quickly, he wasted no time in helping her save her child. The story that unfolds is a truly heartwarming one.