Heroclip: Combine a Carabiner and Hook to Keep Your Gear Upright

The Heroclip is a unique, one-of-a-kind hybrid clip hook that combines a carabiner-style clip on one end, and a hook with a rubber tip for grip on the other. A rotating swivel in between the two allow for the Heroclip to be clipable, hookable, and usable for hanging your gear. Whether it’s heavy items such as a lantern or backpack, or smaller items such as a paint bucket on a ladder, Heroclips come in multiple sizes to accommodate.

Hook Clip 1

Hook Clip 2

Made with aircraft-grade solid billet aluminum, the Heroclips come in three sizes: medium (3.75″ x 3″), small (3″ x 2.4″), and mini (2.3″ x 1.9″). It can carry up to 60 lbs of capacity. At such a small size with tons of use, the Heroclips are perfect for attaching to a keychain – making it super portable.

Hook Clip 3

Hook Clip 4

And if the keychain option wasn’t good enough for you, the hook folds compact making it easy to store away in a purse or backpack. The Heroclips are can be customized in patterns and colors to suit one that matches your style.

Hook Clip 5

Hook Clip 6

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