Heroic Dog Finds Lost 20-Month-Old Baby in Dense Forest, Then Leads Rescue Team

This 20-month old toddler is now safe and sound thanks to the determined efforts of Luke, a rescue dog.

He is based in Minas Gerais, Brazil and works as a search and rescue dog with the Corpo de Bombeiros Militar.

On Wednesday, the pup and his colleagues were called to help track down a toddler who wandered into the forest away from home after babysat by an older sibling.

Hours were spent trying to find the child and it wasn’t until Luke picked up a scent, that they were able to get closer to where the child might be found.

Shortly after arriving near the area, the rescuers spent 25 minutes searching until Luke led the rescuers through thick, dense jungle right to where the child was standing.

The whole process was filmed on camera, just see for yourself!

Final Feliz

Vídeo mostra o exato momento em que a criança de um ano e meio que estava desaparecida na mata é encontrada pelo cão Luck do Corpo de Bombeiros de Uberaba.

Posted by Folha Uberaba on Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Aside from minor scratches, the child looked to be in good health and was safely brought out of the jungle.

If it wasn’t for Luke, the hero rescue dog, things could have ended much differently.


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