In recent years the world has seen a return to the superhero at the box office. Batman, Superman, Ironman and more are all in-vogue right now. Yet, while one may need look to the calendar for the next blockbuster – one need never look far for real heroes in our everyday lives.

Grant is one such example. Here is a young guy who has a disability – he is not disabled – rather he has a disability. Grant lives with Dwarfism, and by God Grant lives. Like a lionheart this little boy charges on through his day showing a spirit to navigate such challenges that so many of us may struggle to muster up in a week. Yet, as Grant himself says in the video he knows he “has his own unique path to walk”, and while just six years old it is already clear: this is a very unique path he is taking.

Alongside a loving family and younger brother – who Grant is pleased to make mention of being about the same size as him – here we have a list of personal interests that’d rival ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’. Whether it is dancing, cooking, playing piano or an array of other things; he is a young boy set on becoming a Renaissance man. Watching this video will take 5 minutes from your day; and it is a five minutes you will want to spend again and again trying to keep count of all his hobbies!