HiCan: The Smart Bed for Your Busy, High-Tech Lifestyle

The HiCan smart bed is perfect for the high tech person in your life! It’s designed to be an all-in-one bed that combines fun with functionality.

It’s wi-fi enabled, has a web-based app, and a corresponding smartphone app, making it fit with your other devices easily.

The bed detects occupancy, giving you a log of time spent in bed and your personal habits. It also keeps track of your weight and sleep, helping you manage your health.

It has privacy blinds and automated foot and headrests, putting your comfort first.

The bed is perfect for entertainment—it’s equipped with an HD projector, a 70″ home theater screen, and is ready for PlayStation or Xbox hookups!

Available here.

Watch the demo video down below:


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HiCan Smart Bed