Hidden Vision: Blend Your TV Elegantly With Your Home Decor

The Hidden Vision Television Solutions line is a product line of hidden TV mounts that hide your TV behind a frame and a picture or mirror. You can choose how to switch between TV/home decor by choosing one of their four models: FlipAround Non Motorized, FlipAround Motorized, Standard FlipOut and Extended FlipOut.

The FlipAround Non Motorized is a hidden TV mount that simply switches between frame and picture to television with a manual flip.

The FlipAround Motorized is similar to the FlipAround with the same flipping mechanic to switch between TV/picture except it’s motorized and will do it on command.

The Standard FlipOut acts as a picture frame above your bed, to use it, simply push the frame out and you have a television on the other side.

The Extended FlipOut is similar to the Standard FlipOut with the same extension mechanic but with a longer extension for more comfortable viewing experiences.

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