Woman’s Home Completely Burned in California Wildfires, Then She Goes Back for Her Cat

Pets are members of the family and no matter what happens, we always have to go back for them.

Laura Ringenberger and her family lost her home in the raging California wildfires. While they were getting ready to evacuate, she couldn’t find her cat, Kitty Kitty Star, and unfortunately had to leave the cat behind.

A few days later, she flagged down a local news reporter who had access to blocked roads, and they went off to look for the cat themselves.

They spent some time looking through the rubble when out of nowhere, they heard some loud meows.

Laura moved closer to the sound and discovered a living miracle.

Watch the full heartwarming reunion down below!

Laura Ringenberger and her neighbors lost their homes on Soda Canyon Road. Wednesday was the first time Laura was able to look for the family’s missing cat and something special happened. >>> http://ow.ly/HJLB30fRRus

Posted by ABC10 on Friday, 13 October 2017


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