In 2013, Billy Ray Harris was a 55-year-old homeless man who stayed under a bridge in Kansas City.

However, on this one fateful day and interaction with a woman, his life changed forever.

Sarah Darling, a kindhearted woman, was passing by Harris when she decided to give him some change. What she ended up giving him, was a lot more than she expected. She accidentally dropped her diamond engagement ring!

Although he could have sold the ring to change his life for the better, he kept it, knowing with how big the ring looked, there must have been sentimental value behind it.

Sarah returned to the same spot and in panic. Fortunately for her, Harris had the ring and handed it back to her. But his kindness didn’t go unnoticed.

Sarah gave the man everything she had in wallet and started an online fundraiser for him, raising well over $100,000. The story went so viral that Billy’s estranged sister found him and offered him a place to stay.

This is the type of kindness we need to see more of!