Of the many, many crucial takeaways from the Chronicles of Narnia we learnt – Turkish Delight is fantastic, and get along with your siblings whenever you can – it’s undoubted the core lesson learnt was as follows: secret doors are awesome. Be gone regular doors that just open and close where you expect; nothing like wandering into a glorified sock draw and exiting in some frozen wonderland (and true, this does indeed happen too rarely in real life). Here now a vid for those looking for an answer to their secret door-absent life.

Going through a step-by-step process for constructing your own secret entrance, it takes away the difficulty of constructing your own little Narnia; leaving you chance to spend time focusing on the mystery and planning just what exactly you could hide behind your secret door (socks would seriously be a good bet…where does that left one always disappear to in the wash?) – A must click vid for some good old fashioned mystery and enchantment.