Hurricane Irma Literally Emptied the Ocean, People Are Now Walking the Ocean Floor

On September 8th, Bahamas natives were greeted by a strange site after hurricane Irma’s wrath had passed, leaving behind their beaches waterless. Long Island residents began posting videos of this traumatic landscape change all over social media showing the power behind this latest tropical storm. Watch below as people try to figure out what’s happened to their beach!

The drought lasted less than 24 hours according to the vast majority, stating that after the Friday disappearance the water was back by Saturday evening. This comparison shot below truly highlights the surprising scene that Long Island folks witnessed, leaving them to walk around the areas they usually swim in.

Meteorologists went on to discuss the events of the shape shifting ocean and what caused the sudden redistribution of such a large mass of water. Angela Fritz, Washington’s Post deputy weather editor, stated that the low pressure was the culprit.

“In the center of the storm, where the pressure is lowest and the winds are converging, water piles up. Low pressure is basically a sucking mechanism in the sense that it draws the air inward. When the pressure is exceptionally low and the winds are very strong, it can create a bulge of ocean water under the center of the storm.”

Vacationers and natives alike need not worry too much about this incredibly rare event, something often discussed only in textbooks, as the water has all returned and swimmers are back after the storm subsided.

via antimedia


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