In the fall of 2016, Katie went into labour. She and her husband had been in the hospital overnight, and the time was finally there!
Katie’s sister Corey was also expecting a baby, but her C-section wasn’t scheduled until later in the week. Nonetheless, Corey and her husband were at the hospital to help welcome Katie’s bundle of joy.
But just as Katie went into labour, Corey’s water broke.
The doctor delivered Corey’s C-section baby and then ran back to Katie’s side.
The family were frantically sprinting back and forth between the two hospital rooms. Corey’s husband Travis filmed the whole thing, running to each room.
“I have never in my life seen this situation between sisters,” said one of the nurses as she ran through the hallway. “It’s like having twins with two separate people!”
Cousins Ryatt and Indie are only 15 minutes apart.