HydraPak Stash: The Flexible and Durable Water Bottle

If you need a water bottle that keeps up with your travels, the HydraPak Stash is perfect for you! It’s designed to combine utility and style in one do-it-all water bottle.


The bottle flattens for easy storage and transportation, and it expands when you need a drink! Its compact and flexible design that’s 50% lighter than a traditional hard bottle. It won’t weigh you down while you travel.


Simply twist it and it’ll collapse down to a quarter of its size, minimizing the space it takes in your pack. It has flexible walls, a TPU carrying handle, and a grip ring for an easy and comfortable carrying experience!


There’s an internal capacity gauge, letting you know how much water you’ve had to drink. The large opening makes it easy to fill, and the sturdy top and bottom make it easy to drink out of! It’s ultra-durable for all your travels.


Plus, it can be frozen or filled with hot water!


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Watch the demo down below!


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HydraPak Stash
Available in four colors & different formats