iceScreen: Magnetic Windshield Cover Protects Car from Ice and Snow

One of the worst things to deal with in the winter is a windshield covered in snow and ice in the morning. It takes your precious time when you’re in a rush and it’s dangerous if you don’t get rid of it.

The iceScreen is a magnetic windshield screen that connects to your car windshield to protect it from snow and ice. In the morning, it clears it off in just seconds.

No more straining or to scrape your windshield in the morning. It also saves you from frozen feet and hands in the morning. Turn a 5-10 minute job into seconds.

The 7 magnets attach easily to the side of your windshield. Secure the screen by inserting the flaps into the inside of your car. This makes sure the screen is secure and safe from winds and theft.

The iceScreen can be used all season round! When it’s summer, simply flip the iceScreen and you have a heat shield for your vehicle. The iceScreen comes in various different sizes to fit any vehicle.

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