Ikea Just Launched Its ‘Hairy’ Collection and Pet owners Can’t Get Enough of It

Ikea home furnishing always seems to have everything a homeowner needs, and not necessarily needs, but buys anyway.

They are exceptional in that aspect as cute, nifty products on display yields convincing arguments into the want to buy it.

Ikea just brought that to a whole new level as they introduced a new line of products with the name called ‘Lurvig’.

In Swedish, the word stands for ‘hairy’ as their main customer often walks around bearing coats of fur.

The new line of products consists of furniture specifically designed for pets including dog beds, couch covers, scratching posts, and even cat tunnels.

The collection is currently in stock across the US, Canada France, and Japan, with other countries scheduled to stock the new shipment as early as March of 2018.

Check out the new catalog of furnishings for pets!

Ikea Catalog

Ikea Catalog

Ikea Catalog


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