Fried chicken is great. Seriously, it’s just the tops. It couldn’t possibly be improved upon.

Unless, of course, you try any of these tricks. Give ’em a look and ready your appetite, because you’re about to get hungry.

1. Cook with baking powder. Baking powder draws moisture out of the chicken skin, resulting in a crispier bird. Yum yum!

2. Coat your chicken in instant mash potato mix. Real potatoes are A+, but instant mash potatoes have their place too – on top of chicken. Using this mix creates a nice crunch as you munch!

Fried chicken!

3. Add a little water to your dry mix. It sounds counter intuitive, but it will actually give you a better crunch! Whisk two eggs and a cup of milk together, then add three tbsp to your dry mix before coating.

4. Use pretzels instead of frying. Looking to cut back on fried foods? Try coating your chicken in pretzels instead!

fried chicken!!

5. Coat your chicken is Doritos. Crushed Doritos are an outrageously cheesy and delicious addition to any fried chicken recipe.

6. Try ramen noodles as a coating. It’ll up your chicken game for sure!

Korean fried chicken wings :)