At some juncture everyone shall approach their rainy Tuesday night, slow Thursday morning or lazy Sunday afternoon with the question ‘Are crows the ultimate problem solvers?’ Here is a video that seeks to answer that. Ran by the good people of BBC Two, this video takes you through a beautiful examination of how a crow instinctively ‘thinks’. It does this by seeking to deduce via 8 tests to what extent it can logically solve problems in a formulaic capacity. When people ponder to what extent animals understand and can construct plans in their daily routines; this is the sort of experiment those scientist folks in white coats point to.

So, without spoiling the viewing, may these words confirm it is a video that’s very much a ‘must see’. In turn, it is one produced with a solid and vivid production value, so you shall find yourself immersed and engaged in an experiment not merely just about to what extent a crow can use a stick to get some food; but to what it suggests about how much we’ve in common as humans with all other life around us. A video click you will not regret.

via BBC