North Carolina’s Skywatch Bird Rescue doesn’t just take care of the aviation-prone population. It all started when someone showed up at the front door. Well, maybe not someone, but something.
An injured possum dragged herself to the steps of the rescue and was found by the owner, Amelia Mason.
“She was bleeding on her face and tail, and had scratches and an infected wound on her forehead,” Mason said. “[She] seemed to really be struggling.”

I don't know if anyone can say that a baby possum holding mommy possum's paw while they were taking a nap isn't sweet.

Posted by Skywatch Bird Rescue on Monday, June 13, 2016

It was then that Mason realized she was carrying newborn babies in her pouch.

Mama possum is well on the mend and her babies have now grown up and grown their fur.

“[She] nursed her babies well after they had sharp teeth already and were able to eat on their own. She nursed nine babies to the full extent, so that’s a lot of energy depending on her.” said Mason of the great mom.

When they are fully strong, they’ll be released back into the wild.

Thanks to the bird rescue for reaching out to an unconventional family in need.