Those who know Ellen DeGeneres know that she loves to bring to light the unsung heroes of communities across America. Today she has brought to our attention the inspiring story of Sonya Romero, a great teacher and humanitarian. Sonya Romero is one of those fantastic teachers and exemplary human beings ready and willing to go the extra mile for every child that comes into her class.

Anyone who has ever had a great teacher in their life knows all too well the big impact someone like Sonya can have in the classroom and beyond. Through Ellen and a lovely video, we learn that Sonya’s reach does indeed go above and beyond; spending her time in life not only being a devoted teacher, but also a foster parent when the need arose. Such a heartwarming and inspiring story showcases that so often the heroes who walk among us are not occupying a position of power or status in the world, – but instead are those who simply want to help those in need.