Intex Wishing Well: The Inflatable Pool with a Well Inside

Do your kids love swimming in the summer? The Intex Wishing Well is perfect for you! It’s designed to be a fun inflatable pool that has a well in the center.


It has a mini well pool inside the larger pool for more room to play—this pool is great for family gatherings, birthday parties, or just a really hot day! It also has built-in water sprayers that are activated by your garden hose.


The fun fish designs on the walls are perfect for kids, and the unique shape unlocks your child’s imagination while they’re splashing around! The mini well holds 55 gallons of water, and the main pool holds 193 gallons of water.


It’s made from 13 gauge vinyl, ensuring it’s durable—it’ll last you for years to come! Plus, it comes with its own repair patch and drain plug for added convenience. It’s great for all kids ages two and older.


If your kids need a new pool, check out this option!


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Intex Wishing Well