Imgur user VonBubenberg and his father decided to turn their humdrum backyard into a beautiful natural swimming pool. The project took just over a year, but their efforts were worth it. Their process is detailed below.

Yard 2011

Top View

Side View

Excavation Begins

Excavation Continues

Water Conduit Installation Begins

Fountain Installed
The water conduits installed from the fountain lead to the garage where the filtration system will be housed.

View From The House

Some Landscaping Is Planted

Placement Of Felt Onto The Whole Pond

Pond Liner Installed
The pond liner was installed in all one piece. Along with the other supplies needed to create the pond, it was specially ordered from Germany.

Leak-Proof Liner

Filtration System
The water is circulated through the barrels and into the pond.

Filling With Bricks
They had to fill the pond with heavy bricks. It took 5 men working solid for 8 hours to complete.

Finished With Bricks

First Fill

Pond Section Complete
It’s not over yet!

Night View Of The Pond

Frozen In Winter

Spring 2012

Deck Construction Begins

Deck Boards Installed

Semi-Completed Deck

Deck Construction Continues

Deck Complete!

Completely Finished!