JAG Grills: The Three-in-One Backyard Gathering Spot

If you love entertaining your friends and family in your backyard, the JAG Grill is perfect for you! It’s designed to be the ultimate party centerpiece in your own yard.


Available in a six-seat and eight-seat model, you can gather around for an outdoor party in style! It combines an outdoor barbecue, a table made from New Zealand prime wood, and a fire pit to keep you warm.


The removable wood panels can give you easy access to the side door, and you can use the space for extra storage. The sturdy base remains stable while you use it, and the grill surface is removable for easy set up and cleaning!


The larger model has a center dome to contain the fire, and it can come off easily to add more wood or coal. You can also remove the wood if you prefer to stand rather than sit! Plus, the stainless steel grilling racks are easy to clean.


This grill is a great way to bring your party outside!


Available Here.


Watch the demo down below!


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JAG Grills
Available in two sizes