John Deere Kids Tractor Engine: Tractor Repair Set Lets Your Kid Work on Their Own Tractor

For kids, being able to get a hands-on experience with engine work doesn’t really happen often. Most of the time, it’s too dangerous. This John Deere Tractor Engine for Kids lets your child safely play with the front half of the tractor without all the dangers.

The toy is like a real-life model of the front-half of a tractor. It lets your little aspiring mechanic do all the dirty work – like popping the hood, performing maintenance and doing repairs. It’s a great way for your child to learn some hands-on skills at an early age.

In total, the tractor toy has over 12 functions you can perform on it. You can remove the motor, check the oil levels, repair the ignition, and much more! It stands at 27″ tall and even has sounds and lights powered by batteries.

Included with the tractor engine is a set of tools for your child to get started. They’re smaller sized to fit in your child’s hands and make it easier on them. There’s also a key to the tractor engine so they can test it once they’ve repaired it!

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Watch the demo down below!


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John Deere Tractor Engine for Kids