Judge Amber Wolf made the news recently when she scolded prison staff for not allowing an inmate to wear pants for their appearance in court. Well, Judge Wolf has once again shown that her position of arbitrator of justice does not prevent her from treating prisoners like the human beings they are.
Once again, she’s been a shining example to her colleagues of how to have a positive interaction with members of our society that are often looked down upon.
Judge Wolf went out of her way to accommodate a special favor for a prisoner. James Roeder, who was charged with robbing a store with his wife, has been in police custody since he was arrested. In that time, his son was born. Since James was behind bars and is not legally allowed to make contact with his wife during this time, he has not been afforded a chance to meet his son.

Judge Wolf reminded James not to discuss his case with her (his counsel was not present) before granting a one-time exception to the no-contact order she handed down. On official court record with her direct supervision, James was allowed to meet his one-month old baby boy for the very first time.

See their emotional introduction below.