Judge Can’t Figure Out Who Owns the Dog, Lets Dog Loose in Court to Decide

Dog, man’s best friend. Age old tale that tells us that no matter what happens, no matter where we are, dogs will always be kind and friendly to humanity. We build these amazing bonds with these lovely furry creatures that will survive the test of time and show the true love they hold for us. Using this knowledge, Judge Judy put it to the test when she couldn’t figure out to whom a dog belonged to in court case. She asked for the dog to be put on the ground so we could see who it would run to first…

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With out hesitation the dog headed in the direction of its most beloved human of all, showing Judge Judy just what she needed to see and resolving the case on the spot. The moment was made even better by the shouts against doing this, “Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!, by the woman who was trying to claim the dog as her own. The tears of joy that the owner and the sheer relief he felt can be felt even through a screen. Dogs are really man’s best friend, the most lovable and honest creatures out there!

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Watch as they reunite below in this emotional video!

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