Voyagers K9 Dog Coat: Keep Your Four-Legged Pals Warm and Cozy

Perfect for those pups living in colder areas, this K9 dog coat will keep your dog warm and cozy throughout the colder seasons.

The Voyagers K9 Apparel brand has a line of winter coats specifically designed to fit your pooch and even comes fitted with a fuzzy turtleneck.

The coat blocks bursts of arctic air and shields your dog against sleet and snow to keep your best pal warm, cozy and comfortable at all times.

Dog Coat

Even when temperatures drop to 40° F or below, the Polartec polar fleece lining will be able to provide extra warmth and protect your dog against the harsh climates.

There consists of multiple winter coat features such as counterbalance straps, leash openings, and even a front chest piece to keep your dog happy but warm at the same time.

Dog Coat2

The broad belly wrap strap on the front of the cost makes it easy to put on and take off but will stay secure when you need it.

It’s innovative design allows your canine friend to move freely about without any restrictions.

The coat also features a waterproof nylon Taslan outer shell to shield against wind and other harsh weather conditions.

Dog Coat3

They come in an array of different colors and sizes for most different breeds of dogs and all come with the whole lot of features in each dog coat.

Dog Coat4

The coat is machine washable for added convenience but is recommended to be washed in cold water and the only line dried to keep it in its best condition.

For your next chilly walk out with your pooch, consider trying the K9 winter coat and never look back!

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Where To Buy

Voyagers K9 Dog Coat
Multiple sizes and colors Available

$50 – $104+