Keeping a kitchen clean should be a pretty straightforward affair. If you’ve grown up with your mom and dad telling you to wash dishes after dinner, and lunch, and breakfast, AND brunch, then there is a good chance this has become second-nature to you by the time you’ve hit high school. Alternatively, if you’ve weathered the college dorm room “living conditions” – to put it mildly – you would know that keeping a kitchen is at once an admirable aim, and a certified outstanding achievement if you’ve got friends from a frat house.

Yet for those who may have spent some time hanging out under a rock, or indeed seen your frat house friends just go and bury your kitchen underneath a mountain of mess, or are just penny-pinchers and don’t spend a few extra dollars on kitchen wipes, here is a useful and straightforward video with a number of nifty tips and tricks for kitchen cleaning and maintenance, all using items and products readily available in a kitchen.