Kevin Spacey Imitates Famous Stars on Jimmy Fallon’s “Wheel of Impressions”, Nails It on 1st Try

Numerous famous celebrities have appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s segment “Wheel of Impressions”, all trying their best at his hilarious impression challenges.

Most of the time, the celebrities impress the crowd and has everyone rolling in laughter, but every once in a while the celebrity catches Jimmy off guard and has him surprised as well.

This time, it was star actor Kevin Spacey.

Fans of Spacey know that amongst his other talents, an amazing ability to perform impressions does not surprise them.

From the moment Kevin sits down with Jimmy, he’s making witty comments and the two are cracking up the entire segment.

Once Jimmy presses the button, Kevin is asked to do a halloween-themed conversation involving Ghostbusters with a Bill Clinton voice. Another round has Kevin impersonating the great actor Chris Walken.

While it may prove challenging to other celebrities, Kevin nails every single impression, leaving the crowd in laughter and even Mr. Fallon himself!

Jimmy is seen laughing and even banging on his desk a few times!

It’s clear to see that Kevin is able to get into character even on the shortest of notice. His body language and facial expressions are just so accurate.

Watch the hilarious clip of Kevin Spacey participating in the “Wheel of Impressions” below:


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