Kitty Korner: Turn Your Interior Door into a Pet Door

Do you want to give your pets an easy way to go from room to room in your home? The Kitty Korner is perfect for you! It’s designed to turn any door in your house into a pet-friendly door.


It’s a unique, one-of-a-kind door hinge on the corner of your door, turning your standard interior door into a modern pet door! With just one simple cut, you can attach it to a solid or hollow door—it’s an easy process.


Simply apply the included sticker to your door and cut along the line. Attach the hinge with screws, and it can flip upwards or downwards! It has the convenience of a traditional pet door, but with a modern look.


With the Kitty Korner, you can lock your bedroom or spare room door while still allowing your cat or small dog to travel as they please. Don’t want your guests to see your gross litter box? Keep the door closed without locking your pet out!


This easy home upgrade will make your home pet-friendly in a modern way!


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Watch the demo down below!


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