Kollectaball: Picking Up Tennis Balls Has Never Been Easier

Perfect for the avid tennis player, this gadget will allow you to pick up tennis balls easier than ever.

The Kollectaball is an extremely lightweight tool that is made coaches and aspiring tennis athletes to collect up to 40 balls in seconds.

Simply roll the Kollectaball over the tennis balls on the ground and watch as they magically slip into the cage.


Instead of spending the effort and time of picking up the balls one by one, you’ll be able to quickly gather the balls for quicker and be able to use the time spent actually playing the game.

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Better yet, some models of the Kollectaball doubles as a stand as well so when you’re finished collecting, you can simply flip the whole cage over and you’ll have a handy feeder basket to grab the balls from.

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When in the standing upright position, there are two hooks on either side of the gadget that will allow you to keep the cage open and easily reach into the cage and grab balls effortlessly.

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Since the cage is interchangeable, you can also easily change the whole set of balls allowing coaches to change over from traditional balls to different sized or colored balls.

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The back of the Kollectaball comes with a nifty hook to hang on the fence and allow for easy and trouble-free storage.

Not only restricted to be used for tennis, the Kollectaball has many models that can be used for any other sports requiring an abundance of balls to be used for practice.

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Sports such as ping-pong, squash, golf, baseball and even lacrosse can benefit from the use of the Kollectaball to spend less time picking up balls, and more time playing the sport.

Since the Kollectaball is so easy and fun to use, you’ll never run out of willing volunteers to pick up the balls.

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