Kovot Personal Fondue Mugs: Create Fondue with a Variety of Foods at Your Table

If you’re ever craving fondue at your dinner table, these two personal mugs will do the trick for you.

They’re called the Kovot Personal Fondue Mugs.

The Fondue Mugs use a candle underneath to melt chocolate and cheese for you to use with a variety of foods. Included with the mugs are 4 forks that can be used to skewer your food.

Fondue Mugs 1

Fondue Mugs 2

The Fondue Mugs measure 6″ x 7.4″ x 10.6″ in size and weigh a measly 2.8 lbs. They’re microwave safe so should you choose not to use a candle and want a quicker option to fondue, simply pop the mug in the microwave with chocolate / cheese.

The great thing about the mugs are that they’re dishwasher safe. This makes it easy to clean them after you’re finished your meal.

An opening at the bottom of the mug allows airflow so that the flame doesn’t suffocate. It’s also recommended you use the mugs near a fan or window to increase airflow and burn efficiently.

Fondue Mugs 3

Perfect for couples looking for a fun way to make fondue at the dinner table!

Fondue Mugs 4

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