Kurgo Snout About Strap Dog Collar: Stop Your Pet’s Leash Pulling

Is your dog always pulling you while you’re out on your walks? The Kurgo Snout About Dog Collar is perfect for you! It’s designed to help train your dog to not pull on the leash.


The head halter dog collar can help stop excessive leash pulling, and it can reduce other rude behaviours, such as lunging and jumping. It’s great for training, and it can be used as an alternative for a harness.


The collar has reflective trim to give your dog visibility from multiple angles at night—it’s safe to use when the skies are dark! It provides gentle control—your dog won’t choke and it is completely painless for your pet.


It’s adjustable and flexible, letting your dog behave normally. They can drink with it on, and your dog will still be able to breathe properly. Plus, it has wide, soft straps for maximum comfort on long walks.


If you need to train your dog, check out this harness!


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Kurgo Snout About Strap Dog Collar
Available in several sizes and colors