Lay-N-Go: The Convenient Way to Store and Use Your Makeup

Are you always juggling your makeup while getting ready in the morning? The Lay-N-Go cosmetic bag is perfect for you! It’s designed to hold all your makeup while giving you a space to get ready.


With this convenient makeup bag design, you can see all your cosmetics at once without unpacking and repacking your makeup. Unfold it in the beginning, then refold it in just seconds—don’t worry about cleaning up!


No more digging and dumping—it’s all right there for you. It has raised lips to prevent your brushes and makeup from falling on the ground, and it keeps all your valuable makeup on a clean, contained, and dry surface.


The bag also has a small pouch to hold your jewelry on the go—this makes it perfect for travel or for getting ready after a workout. Plus, the bag is easy to clean and machine-washable for the ultimate four-in-one solution.


If you love makeup, you need this cosmetic bag!


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Lay-N-Go Cosmetic Bag