LED Skeleton Gloves: Add a Creepy Touch to Your Halloween Costume

Do you need something to spice up your Halloween costume this year? The LED skeleton gloves are perfect for you! They’re designed to turn your hands into skeletons.


With just the push of a button, the gloves light up to reveal a boney hand. You’ll scare all the neighborhood kids while trick or treating! You want to creep people out? These are the perfect costume addition.


It has sewn-in LED lights to give you a lit-up skeleton effect—the lights are placed so that as your hands flex and move, it looks like the bones in your hands are flashing with electricity. A very spooky touch!


Another bonus? The gloves increase your visibility when you’re out at night—cars will be able to see you as they drive by, and other trick or treaters will stay off your turf! Plus, the gloves wipe clean when they get dirty.


If you need an accessory for Halloween, you need these LED gloves!


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